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The inspiration that started it all:


Hi, my name's Danielle, and I draw this comic. I write it too, and admittedly have help from a few close friends who are designated co-collaborators. The reason why I draw this comic is because I like to draw,

I like to draw my ferret Kayto as if she were a crazy, talking, antagonist who my characters have adventures with, and I've been drawing my own comic series since I was about 7. When I figured out that there were such things as web-comics, and that I could make my own available online, I was thrilled and went about learning how to web-design and maintain my own web-site in order to do so.

Of course, this comic is not within the ranks of the immortals like Questionable Content, or Penny Arcade, therefore this means that I have a full-time job on top of this comic, and other freelance projects. As a fairly professional illustrator, I have my work out there for others to see, and art projects to sell.


Kayto was my first ferret that I bought in 1999. She was named after the ferret that my mom had when she was in college.

She is the real inspiration for this comic, and is the reason why I continue it's publication in memory of her. She was born November 11, 1999, and died February 22, 2007.


Sudo was born in January 2008, and I bought him after being pet-less for about a year after Kayto died. Come to find that he had limited use of his back legs when I got him home. I brought him back and the battle began. The owner sold me a ferret with a neurological disorder that left him partially paralyzed. After several emotional weeks of arguing and finger pointing, the compromise was made that allowed me to obtain another ferret from him at farm price. Safe to say, I do not recommend Pampered Pets of Ithaca, NY. His name reflects the reference to the Xkcd comic, and phonetically, the falsity that implies his paralysis. Granted his back legs aren't what they should be, but he makes up for that in his upper body strength which allows him to be able to climb, and scale, most of my furniture (including my laundry hamper which he loves to climb into and fall asleep in my dirty clothes).


Mulligan was born in April 2008, and was bought for me as a present. He was my second chance, and a good playmate for Sudo. His energy far outlasts that of his brother, but he's the cutest little kung fu ferret I know.

He loves to play hide-and-seek around corners and furniture in our apartment, and has the unique ability to sneak up behind me and out from behind things to flying grapple jump onto my shin and then run away as fast as he can into a crevice to hide. He also enjoys belly rubs so much he sticks his tongue out, and is afraid of things like the vacuum, but loves the hair dryer.

Comic History

This particular comic was started as a part of the SUNY Morrisville campus newspaper, The Chimes, and was run under the name of "Take it or Leave it" from 2003 to 2005. The rename, style change, format change, and web posting happened late 2005 when it turned into "Bubblegum Junkie."

The main characters have not changed, but secondary ones have come and gone (loosely). No one character is based off of any particular person in my life, or intended to "be" anyone, including me. The only true character that is absolutely based on a non-fictional entity is Kayto, and even then, she never had the ability to speak, or hold things with what appears to be opposable thumbs, and she has never consumed alcohol.

From it's beginnings as a monthly comic in The Chimes, to a weekly online in 2005, to a leisurely updated comic while I was finishing school and moving around, to a steadily weekly in 2009, the next goals for the Junkie cast is bi-weekly updates, and a convention appearance including a possible booth.

As far as spelling the name of the comic, it can vary in caps and combination (ie: Bubblegumjunkie, Bubble Gum Junkie, Bubblegum Junkie, bubblegumjunkie, etc.), but if spelled "bubblegumjunky" (with a Y) it is not associated with this webcomic.