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It Pains Me To Say, Tis The Brain That Is Frayed, A Respite, A Hospice, A NeedTo Get Away

I'd like to say that I've had some incredible life tremor that's set the world as I know it asunder as I try to gain footing, balance, and stability, but alas... I fear I am just a wuss.

Busy, I have been, but have had absolutely no incentive, or urge to put pencil/stylus to paper/tablet, and have little to no ideas for new comics. My creative juices are drained, and I have no excuse to let down the faithful readers. I have absolutely no doubt that my creative inspiration will return with full prolific nature, but for now... my soul must rest. Aside from a terrible Charlie Sheen joke that isn't that funny, I have really nothing for you, and would rather post something half-decent than something not worth wiping your but with.

Until then, there's the forum to chat on. I'll be checking it to answer questions or defend myself. Please stay tuned. I'm sure the good weather will bring more doodles.

Absent Minds and Absent Updates, but Absynth Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I've been preoccupied with a few different things recently that have kept me from updating, and drawing. One has been a borderline obsession with knitting, and the other is watching the entire seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It began simple enough with seeing it slide across the Netflix menu, and me saying, "Why not." I'd heard loads of good things about it, I didn't have a biased distaste for Sarah Michelle Gellar, and I wanted to indulge in something vampire that didn't sparkle.

Initially, I was pleasantly surprised at how funny and quirky the writing is, and how to the point (pun intended) the slaying was. It was simple. Hunt and kill vampires and demons while being in High School with quirky friends and boy crushes. The Buffy-Cordelia dynamic was super entertaining since Buffy was great at just brushing off the B from itch. It was nice to see that Cordelia was shown mercy on several accounts, and eventually came round to be on the side of good. The addition of Anya was a hilarious twist that I'm really glad to have seen played out straight to the end. Watching Seth Green as a warewolf was unique since his role was so much more mature than anything else I've seen him put his mark on. Willow going lesbo seemed a bit predictable with the steady incline of witchcraft in her daily life. I will say this though, I did not at all like Tara. Her face was stupid, and when she'd try to make goo-goo eyes at willow, it just looked like she had half a brain and was trying to follow a laser pointer flicking across a wall. Her unattractiveness carried through the rest of the seasons, and softened somewhat to where she was fairly tolerable, but we all know why she was there at all. Lesbians get ratings.

As the seasons progressed, and David Boreonis got his own show, the love interests of Buffy became more and more fleeting. An Angel cameo was always welcomed, and a delightful walk down memory lane to season one. Along with the promiscuity of the entire cast, the abnormality of the script followed that skewed path. It was hard to focus and get into the ridiculous plots that involved Buffy dying, being resurrected, dying again, being brought back, and thousands upon hundreds of ancient evils that are older than time, appearing and being killed within a season like it was nothing.

I was a little disappointed with the resolution of the wedding episodes, but Spike was invaluable to the entire show after that chip was installed in his head. Hands down, my favorite character of the entire season. Close second is Anya. I hear he's aged quite a bit since the show, and his appearance at some conventions dashed a few teen hearts upon looking at his "immortal visage." I guess that's what happens when you go through hell to get your soul back. That'll teach you for falling in love with a slayer.

I think one thing that I was so excited about when I first started watching, was the fact that the actor who played the first principal of Sunnydale High, also plays Quark in Star Trek. Cannot be unseen. Another huge milestone of the show was evil Willow. For being a teen show, they made an effort to touch on incredibly relevant human teenage problems and make hints towards guiding young minds in the right direction. Drug addiction, sexual abuse, death in the family, being used by people, knowing who your real friends are, and how to properly research topics for school papers. The epic episode that involved the passing of Buffy's mom was incredible. Not in the "so much evil happened and there were dead bodies everywhere," but in the incredibly profound and heavy way that the episode was produced, directed, and performed by the characters. The signature camera angles and cuts were put aside for a style that enhanced the scenes and the emotions of the characters. Wonderfully executed. The episode, not the mom. What I was looking for through the rest of the show, was how that death would come back into relevance. There was slight foreshadowing about an evil, "getting to you through your family," then there was the brain tumor, but she was fine after, then BAM.

Spike got pretty scary when he was all head-over-heels psycho for Buffy, but Faith wasn't much better. I was kind of surprised at the amount of sex that the characters began having through the show, and how open they became about everything. Towards the end, the writing evened out, and began to shift focus back to one goal, and back to simple slaying with a hint of complicating impending doom. The KO move in the last episode was surprising, but I felt like there was a lot of things that were hinted at through the series and were never touched on that could have culminated in the finale. The deaths of a few character at the end put realism into it, but I was sad that Zander and Anya never ended up getting hitched. I really liked them.

One of the best episodes had to have been the one where a demon cursed the whole town and made everyone sing what was going on. So it was a musical episode, but with death. Because if you can't stop singing and dancing, you will burst into flames. Which happened to one poor tap dancer.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the series if you enjoy mindless killing with well choreographed action scenes, attractive people having sex with each other while under spells or curses, and if you think Joss Wheaton is a god among sci-fi writers. All hail Joss.

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So, this one time, I went to Portland and totally forgot to tell you about how awesome it was

So yeah, around May I went out to Portland, Oregon to visit some old college friends and go to this great thing I found out about, Sasquatch Fest.

It was a killer blast. Got to see the town, get stuck in the rain, buy new comics and graphic novels at the giant Powell's book store, camp out in tent-city for 3 days without showering listening to amazing indie music with the best view of the Washington Gorge ever, and eat the most amazin waffels through a window.

Cosmic Monkey Comic sketch by Danielle George!One specifically awesome thing that my chums took me along to see was Cosmic Monkey comics. We were all sugared up after going to Voo Doo Donuts, and ran wild in the stacks. They had a lot of the top sellers, some need-to-have basics, and my favorite was the desperate and independantly published works. A lot of the time, the real soul of a work can only come out when it's absolutely obvious that it was a pure labor of love. And that no matter the monetary succes of the story, the glam and color of the art style, the artist said what they wanted to say and got to see it on a shelf. Ever know that feeling? It's pretty damn good (so I hear).

Turns out, their walls are also littered with one-of-a-kind original (redundant, i know) artist sketches on comic boards. Each one was a different interpretation of the store's mascot, the cosmic monkey.

You could spend a few days starring up at the walls looking at each one till you got a neck cramp and had to be jostled back for the blood to circulate to your brain, but wow. I thought it was neat. So neat in fact, that the store owner let me draw one for the wall too! About an hour and some ink smudges later, I had a peice for his wall.

So if you're ever in the Portland, Oregon area, and you're looking for a place to get great comics, check out Cosmis Monkey Comics. Maybe you'll get to see my drawring too.

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Prints and Paintings with a Holiday Discount!

As you may or may not be aware, I have had some paintings in several establishements this year that have been fairly well received by the general public. This fact makes me incredibly proud and excited that something I made is wanted and enjoyed by anyone other than myself. For those who have expressed their adoration for my things by buying one, I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful ego boost and modest income from my labor of love.

In this update, I'd like to formally announce a sale through Etsy of my paintings. From now until January 1st, if you use the coupon code "YAY10" you will get a %10 discount on any item purchased.

Not only are several of my original paintings still for sale (at an additionally discounted rate), but I have made poster prints of 4 of the top favorites that are no longer available as paintings. These 12.25" x 17.25" prints of "The Fox," "The Rabbit," "The Frog," and "The Bat" are now for sale. If you buy one of the posters, you get the poster signed by me (with a message if you request one), and a personal doodle that is, no doubt, one of a kind.

On another note, we've been getting a great deal of activity on the forum as of late, and I'm pushing you to it for this holiday sketch-travaganza.

Post your Christmas/Holiday wish to the topic and I'll be posting each wish as a sketch to the comic from Christmas until January 1st. One wish each day. If I get enough wishes, I'll just keep posting them until I run out, or run into more posts.

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I Feel Strongly Against Con Air...

I read somewhere that Nicolas Kim Coppola changed his name later in life in order to hide his association with his famous father and earn his keep as an actor without the free ride. For this, I give a little bit-o-cred. Although, sometimes I find myself questioning how seriously he takes his acting career. Things like Ghost Rider and The Wicker Man really make me yell, "WHAT THE FUCK!" after (and during) the movie. To this, I have developed a sour taste when viewing the actor Nicolas Cage. A few solid roles that I actually can stand him in are the ones that reflect his most true qualities. The manic obsessive compulsive con man like in Matchstick Men, the psychotic repressed sociopath like in The Weatherman, and the asshole extraordinaire like in Lord of War.

Not mentioning his roles in National Treasure or the new appearance in Kick Ass, after seeing all these, I decide to watch Con Air. I heard it was a classic, and had a great cast line up with a familiar action/drama theme that I thought I'd enjoy. Alas, this... THIS was my big WTF moment questioning the career choice and acting talent of Nicolas Cage. The following is the bullet list of my WTF's that came to me while watching: he can't pull off being a bad ass in a wife beater, his southern accent sucks, how could Steve Buscemi play a cooler part than the lead role, and the bunny is probably one of the worse one-liners to come from an action movie.

This is a visual of what I feel Nic has done with his career.

I feel strongly about this. After having such a strong negative opinion of Mr. Cage's acting choices (for the most part) for so long, I also read an interview with him regarding his odd choices of film and entertainment. In his own words (referencing The Wicker Man) how seriously can you take an actor who punches a woman wearing a bear suit? From this, I can only assume that he doesn't take his career seriously, and will take a roll just for the hell of it. All I can say is that if anyone feels that Con Air is anything better than terrible, I may bunch you in the face, regardless of whether you are wearing a bear suit or not.

The QC Comic Breakdown According to Bubble Gum Junkie

(EDIT: I actually wrote this the day before Dora and Martin broke up. Getting around to posting it now.) I'd like to start this review by stating that I have been a reader of Questionable Content since 2003 during my freshman year of college, and have thusly enjoyed the most of it. Saying that, I understand having such a devote, and consistent web comic over the years is a feat in and of itself, and that respect is deserved for such an accomplishment.

For such a creation, dear Jeph Jaques earns my respect, but for everything else, I just don't know what to think. I read the comic for about 3 straight years enjoying it fully, and having it greet me at 12am (almost) on the dot to give me that ray of sunshine that comes with the final panel. I liked figuring out what Martin was up to with Fae, and OH NO! Dora Drama! And pint-size was so entertaining.

Recently, as in the past 2 years or so, I found myself crucially apathetic to the story, the characters, the style of illustration, and the incredibly predictable QC-Comic Formula. Hanners was the first sign of a desperate act to bring something new and exciting to the story, but only equaled by Fae becoming normal and breaking the man-whore that is Dora's brother. To me, the sexual tension between the original love-triangle totally killed the excitement and leaves no anticipation left in reading new strips.

At one point, it dawned on me how each character could possibly be Mr. Jaques self-portrait while on different hallucinogenic drugs. The amount of paranoia, insecurities, and complete lack of perspective on anything but their own petty problems fit the bill for the majority of on-drugs symptoms. Maybe it's just me, but maybe it's something you can't un-think now.

Right now, I'm real glad for Fae. Good for her. I'm glad Martin and Dora are all sexy and matching hair cuts (aside from the color). They're cute. I don't care about Martins gay dad, or the porn star mom, Hanners isn't selling the paranoid-savant-space-hermit as sexy, just kinda cute. And I'm pretty sure the only reason Marigold was added at all was so Jaques could make WoW jokes and have an ugly geek rather than an absurdly skinny/curvy-yet-sexy hipster angst.

I think the only remotely interesting thing I've seen on there in the past year was Steve coming back all spy. Likely never to happen, but ridiculous and full of spin-off potential. I don't even know what Pint-size has been doing differently, but it's just not funny anymore. It's just predictable, un-original, I'm bored with the art style, I don't enjoy the characters, and I just don't find interest in it anymore. A sad day when I realized it, but don't know what else to say. Cheers to him, and what he's done is very impressive, but I'm just not into it as much as I used to. Hey, we all can't be like the Simpsons.

PS- his taste in music is just god awful

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Consume your brains out, I dare you.

Here's a hearty "good luck you crazy bastards" to everyone who's compelled to participate in what America calls "Black Friday." Other things that sound just as fun include "The Black Plague" and "Black Lung" and give just as much satisfaction when survived (I assume).

I'll be sitting on my but thinking about the crowded, high-tension department stores that a majority of this country will be fighting through to get that 50% off deal on some kind of stupid thing that you don't really need, and how you desperately wish that certain someone would have put on deoderant at 5am before being pressed so hard against you in that thermal coat.

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for opposable thumbs.

I don't think they're good enough to *ACT* like royalty, and they wont be seeing any royalties from me.

My original opinion of Kings of Leon wasn't much, but after reading a first-hand account from Andy Kato of Groove Armada, I'm pretty sold that I wont be endorsing them anytime soon.

As a band, I think they've got maybe one or two good songs, and if you can stand the sound of the singers voice, you'd be able to enjoy some of their other songs. I personally can't stand much of his raspy undertone and completely whiney carrying-ons. It's like listening to a pre-pubescent teen who's been a smoker since they were spat from the womb, bitch and moan about not having enough peanut butter on their sandwich. Pointless, unappetizing, and a little bit painful.

As people, they sound like complete assholes. They've got a royal impression in their name, but I think they take it a bit too far. If you don't believe me, read for yourself. Seriously though. Big ol' jerks. In my opinion, any band who expects to be given the royal treatment, especially when being compared to the treatment of multiple other bands for a festival, seriously needs to re-evaluate their talent, and get a new financial manager that wont let them waste money on things like individual limousines for each band member. The story that Kato paints of this particular happening is pretty clear, and gives multiple examples of reasons why you should refrain from endorsing them. The only way I could see them really needing the treatment they asked for, was if they were secretly government spies who had time sensitive information that would have put the globe at risk if not immediately acted on. Like James Bond whose cover was being a shitty band.

Safe to say, I will not buy their music, and will not attend a show with them in it, and would prefer to spend my time and money FedEx'ing them dog poop.

Hey, you remember when 30 Rock did their episodes LIVE!!??! Yeah, great times.

I'm a big fan of 30 Rock regardless, and just had that much more fun watching their live versions. One for the East coast, and one for the West coast. It wasn't great solely because it was done live. It was great because of the fantastic writers. They didn't just write another show and do it live, they really took advantage of every difference between live and pre-recorded quality. Instead of trying to compensate for lack of film quality, and the inability to play pre-recorded flashbacks when a character goes into a day dream, they embraced it and made doused it in satire and used fabulous substitutes like Julia Louis-Dreyfus to play Liz Lemon because she see's herself more attractive in her head.

Not only was there additions to the cast , but there were two versions of the same show. The introduction was different, with a well sung introduction to the live show by different cast, but you got to see where they stumbled doing it the second time. As far as I could remember, the main fumbles were made by Jenna Maroney and Tracy Jordan.

I've heard that in real life, the actor Tracy Morgan is very difficult to work with because he fails to remember lines, and the lines that they end up using in films and shows are actually his naturally erratic mental state ad-libbing. Funny part is, if you watch enough episodes from 30 Rock (or anything of his) you can kind of pick out the parts where he's probably doing that, but realize that his character is actually written that way. Not to mention his name is basically identical. They also wrote the majority of the episode around the fact that doing a show live means you mess up on camera and "break" and it fails. They basically exploited the fact that (I'm guessing) Jordan was going to mess up a live show so bad, they just said, "Hey, let's run with it," and wrote the show for him to mess up. They even staged a few mishaps that made me laugh, regardless of their authenticity.

As a writer and an actress and a glasses wearing brunette, I greatly admire Tiny Fey. If you know anything about what she's done and been a part of, you can tell how successful she's been as a creative mind. Aside from Baby Mama, I like everything she's done, and I love 30 Rock. It's the right kind of witty comedy that makes you laugh, snicker, and quirk without being weighed down (too much) by relationship drama, evil in-laws, rank humor, or Seth MacFarlane animated family comedy equation. Thank you Tina Fey, you've given me one more thing to look forward at the end of the day. Call me.

Happy Oktober!


A quick update for those of you readers who like words. I got to draw a comic to celebrate the October holiday and I think you'll like it. Been keeping busy and all that. Hopefully you all will have a great Halloween and not over dose too much on candy and the likes. Keep writing on the forum and I'll keep responding.

Going to be a bit more busy in November with an art show going up, but there's enough comics for everyone :D

A Stereotypical Movie from Disney

One dark and stormy night in a dreary city, she felt the need to watch something completely ridiculous that was randomly selected from the instant que on her Netflix. And so, she watched the newest Disney princess movie, The Princess and the Frog. Now, the only knowledge of this movie prior to the spontaneous selection on that night was the rumors of just how incredibly racist Disney is, and how much farther they pushed it in stereotyping the very first Disney princess of African decent. I looked into it a bit further by watching the trailer and thought to myself, 'Well... it's set in New Orleans in the 1920-30's, there's a witch doctor/voodoo bad guy, and the only food they mention for her dream restaurant seems to be gumbo, jambalaya, and hush puppies. Then again, that's a huge part of New Orleans, and maybe they weren't actually that stereotypical in the rest of the story, so I sat through it.

Usually in these kinds of kids movies, adults are able to be somewhat entertained regardless, but this was different. I want to say that I'm surprised at the degree of racism, but I should have known better than to get my hopes up that it wouldn't be completely stereotyped. The best friend of Tiana (the main character) is a spoiled, blond, bouncy, rich brat whose father basically owns the entire town, and has Tiana's mother making princess dresses one after another for his daughter. Granted, the girl Charlette (::slaps forehead::) isn't a complete B, and is actually nice to Tiana and helps her. But the entire time, she's fixated on getting her prince, and spending her daddy's money. Again, Disney kills off one of the main characters parents. WTF. Like there can't be a happy ending if both of their parents are alive to celebrate. Maybe they're just trying to give single moms something to relate to, and give them hope that their white-trash children will grow up unlike their alcoholic father who's in jail for his 8th DWI.

Aside from the racism and single parent bit, I didn't like one single character. The story seemed rushed and completely half-assed. Who didn't see it coming when she turned into a frog when she kissed him within the first 10 minutes of the movie? Shrek pulled that off well, but not Tiana. Another thing, I can't figure out if the prince is supposed to be Spanish or ... not. The firefly, the gator, the mama voo doo lady, the prince, and his side-kick... all super weak characters. Turns out all you have to do in order to completely 180 a spoiled party boy prince who wants to marry rich so he can never work, is make him sludge around the bayou with a tight-ass poor girl who works (dare I say) like a slave who teaches him to chop mushrooms. Then he'll fall in love. WTF. I'm not even sure what lesson they were supposed to have learned from their trials and tribulations. I feel like it was a complete waste of time. You can tell that even the cast had mixed feelings about their characters. Just look at her face! One thing I will say though, it's pretty funny watching an over weight little white girl running through the costume story screaming to her mom that she wants to be Tiana for Halloween.

EUREKA!!! :D Yeah, the tv show and stuff.

I recently started watching the lovely show Eureka. I've been jumping around from season one and four that's on Hulu, and it doesn't really matter that I'm watching it out of order. It's still a super entertaining show. It's got a great (*cough* attractive) cast, imaginative robots and cyber technology mixed with sci-fi themes and scenarios that allow for just about anything to happen, plus, pretty decent special effects. I'd say the CG parallels that of the new Doctor Who episodes.

Also, I'm not sure if I'm the only one who noticed, but the character Zane looks a great deal like K-Rose of Digg.com (may it rest in peace). They have a smart house, and a robot sheriff (who is dating the house, and time travel, and get cool gadgets and there's love drama along with all the science, and! ... that's a lot of and's. Can you tell I get excited about it? Any ways, I feel like the relationship drama and science nerdy is pretty well balanced, but gets more mushy further in the series. Still, a great thing since everyone is so pretty. :D

Anyways, I really enjoy this show. It's a great thing to watch while knitting or something, and I genuinely like the characters. It's enough *just* like every other sci-fi show to accommodate to the things one likes about other shows while adding just a slight angle of originality, that makes it ... a different show than the others that are just like it. If you like Dr. Who, Erie Indiana, Fringe, or Caprica, you'll also like Eureka.

I know I'm INCREDIBLY late on being on top of this band wagon, but I got to play Dantes Inferno

When I played the demo, it was because my dear brother hounded me for about a week to download it. I wish I hadn't waited a whole week. Even though it was the demo, I knew right away that I'd need this game as soon as it came out.

For those of you who enjoy a good hack and slash button mash game, you'll enjoy Dante's Inferno. It's rated R for several very obvious and understandable reasons. You see more tits in the demo alone than you would in the fifth season of Weeds. That, and there's tons of blood and violence and whatever. Basically, you're fighting your way through the 7 levels of hell in order to keep satans giant dick and hairy balls away from your precious ghost of a wife Beatrice. If that isn't enough incentive to hack your way through demons, you get glimpses of her ghostly rack with the horny devil, and more things to hack than you can shake a sythe at. It's fairly easy to play through, but that doesn't mean that it's any less fun than if it took you a whole month.

If you're squeemish, or if you hate looking at boobs, I wouldn't recommend this game. If you like button mashing your way through flaming demon vagina, I highly recommend the game.

New Season for Television, and I'm All Excited for New Shows That I Can Only Watch On Hulu

I've started to prep myself for the start of new tv series by watching the "sneak peaks" they give you on Hulu. They wet your appetite enough to hold you for another day or so, but then you get really antsy about just wanting new stuff NOW... I'm concerned about The Office though. Considering how the British version only lasted three season before the US took it, re-made it, and ran it for 6 seasons, I dont know if it's something the writers would be running out of material for yet. Granted, I was one of those people who became obsessive over the Jim-Pam drama way back in the begining, but that's just it, they ran through that, their wedding, and a baby real fast. Now what? Like in The Big Bang Theory, when they get rid of the sexual tension, there's not much left to go on. On the other hand, they've added a lot of great characters over this time to draw attention away from the fact that we're not on the edge of our seat waiting for Jim to pop the question. Now they've switched gears to form an all powerful smart-ass team of parents who do battle with realistic type things and also Dwight.

Erin and Andy, Michael and his hooters, Toby and his obsession with looking like Eeyore, the new guy from corporate who's just kind of.. there, and what's up with Ryan being a total hipster-wanna-be-internet-sensation? Here's hoping they don't drag this witty comedy into the ground by stretching it too thin. Otherwise, sooner or later we're going to see Michael dating Angela and finally finding friends in the cats that she so obsessively loves. THAT would be some strange television.

Burn Notice came back a while ago, which is nice. I love watching Bruce Campbell. I'll have to do some more homework and catch up on Dexter before I see any of the newer ones. I think the last thing I remember was John Lithgow in drag. Maybe I'm mixing it with another movie, but... yeah... it's been a while. Ever since the Six feet Under series, I can't get enough Michael C. Hall. Another favorite that I've talked about before was Fringe. I have great expectations for this fall. Care not to disappoint, dear networks.

CONGRATS! to the winner of our customer action shot contest!

It was too cute to pass up, so I'm putting up our secind place winner from the forum contest. Roofus and his CuTe As S!

Roofus knows

Also, I started reading some new comics that I think you'll really enjoy. I've replaced some old links on the left with the new ones. Sorry to see the end of Anders Loves Maria, but it had a great run, and I loved being a part of it for so long.

CONGRATS! to the winner of our customer action shot contest!

Over the past month, I posted a little game that members and readers could join in on that involved getting free stuff, AND their photo on the front page; immortalizing them forever and ever until the next update.

If you missed this promotional oportunity, there will be more, but you might not hear about it unless you frequent the FORUM or are friends with the FACEBOOK. Thanks to the winner of the best submitted customer action shot with a "patch" featuring the soon to be released periodic panties collection design, he is featured below.

Unicorns we love them! Customer Action Shot 2010!

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Remember Me: The Twist at the End Hit Me Like Two... Well... You'll Have to See it

This movie featured some pretty famous faces, and comes across as just another love story as far as its previews first impression goes. Granted, I do not particularly enjoy mushy lovey dovey movies, especially ones that star Robert Pattinson from Twilight, but I allowed myself to be dragged to Remember Me.

It started off with a pretty heavy scene (a death in the close family in front of a little girl), and just kept going. This is one movie that I will not ruin the ending with a spoiler alert, so just be aware of that. Initially, the story revolved around the troubled male youth, and his incredibly tense family situation. It then spread to involve said troubled youths new love interest and include her incredibly tense family situation. Now that there are two hormonal and emotionally strained people involved with each other, the story then spreads to how they effect each other, and each others families. And from here, the involvement just keeps growing. One thing that I enjoyed was watching Peirce Brosnan play another role that allows him to hint towards the roles that he used to be able to play before he gained weight, grew more wrinkles, and was over-run with the effects of aging. He was pretty spot on for the role as the work-a-holic lawyer father who never acts like he cares about his kids until it's too late. You can really see the frustration and anger in his eyes for not being able to play as James Bond anymore. Well done Peirce. Another fun part to observe was the role of Ally Craig played by our Aussie blonde from LOST, Emelie De Raven and how 6 years being stuck on that island made it pretty hard to lose that accent for one movie.

Another thing about this movie that really threw me off, was how normal Pattinson looked when he wasn't making the trademark vampire stare into the camera. There was actually a few times where he wasn't sulking, and he smiled that startled me. He looks good with a grin (minus the vampire teeth). What I liked the most about this movie, was that the whole story didn't revolve around one miserable, self-loathing youth who has a dream to seek and find true love, or anything like that. The movie is about families, and their growth through trying events. This perspective change throughout the movie (from one individual, to two, to their families) grows even further than just two troubled house holds and how they help each other out. It gets even bigger to include just people as people. You wont get this until the very end, but it's not just about one person, it's about people. Through the whole film, you get little hints as to what's really going on, and you kind of pick up on them, but figure it's not actually that relevant to the lives you're watching. Then it hits you. This movie isn't really a love story. I was most definitely effected by it for a few hours after leaving the theater, and how huge of an impact the surprise ending was on me, but I highly recommend this movie as a serious drama.

*NOTE!* Thank you to all those who participated in the fan-action-shot give-away that was mentioned on the forum. Those who sent their address to yours truley recieved a limited edition "patch" featuring one of the new designs for the up-coming (heh) periodic panties merch. Their action shot will be featured on the home page in the next update, and their love of elements will live in infamy!

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Year One: Hunter, Gatherer, Maker... Whatever Way You Put It, Michael Cera Just Doesn't Make Me Laugh

First off, Jack Black can do no wrong in my book. His presence in this movie was good enough, and typical, but he couldn't save the movie. Bummer. From looking at the previews, I had pretty reasonable expectations for something really funny. As is, the movie Year One gets a big old "eh" in my book. I think the fact that it came out in the same time-line as a few other good drunk-comedies made me think that it'd be funnier. Also, the cast is pretty standard for one of those low maintenance movies that you can just not care about what's really going on, and enjoy the flick. Maybe it's my avid level of apathy towards Michael Cera that just took too much energy to ignore him and his incredible awkward existence in order to enjoy the rest of the movie.

Granted, it's not a *bad* movie, but I guess I just expected something different. I think the general idea of it was a pretty descent one to grow a good comedy from as long as it was done right. The storyline was typical (guy does miraculous things that no one expected him to be able to do in order to save the village and get the girl), but had the progression through biblical stories and eras that made me want to see what else they got themselves into. Honestly though, I had lower expectations going into Super Bad and was pleasantly surprised. The opposite happened here.

If you like Jack Black, if you enjoy passively laughing at scoffs from biblical history, and if you're indulging in some time of heavily alcoholic drink at the time, than I think you'll have a pretty okay time watching Year One.

Nacho Libre: This is a Retract of My Original Opinion of This Movie. Is For Fun.

Don't get me wrong, Jack Black is one of a kind, and deserves a big hearty round of applause for everything he's ever been in. There's something about him that women can't put their finger on why they find him attractive despite his portly figure, and guys find themselves day dreaming of how awesome a day hanging out with him would be like So, when I first saw Nacho Libre, I was kind of taken off-guard. Maybe it was just an off day for me, but I wasn't that impressed. For some reason it just didn't do it for me. I think it reminded me too much of Napolean Dynamite because of the color scheme, the sparse dialogue, and the awkward camera angles. It was one of those movies you watch when you definitely don't want to strain yourself over. It still is, but for whatever reason, the second viewing and a more open mind about what to expect made it ten-times more fun to watch.

If you just sit back, and let it take you where it wants to go, you can enjoy a nice cozy laugh riot staring out the window watching the scenery, bee hives, and luchadors go by. I think the best way to be initially introduced to this movie is by someone who has seen it, loved it so much that they tenaciously quote it regardless of there being anyone in ear-shot who knows what they're talking about, and who insists that you watch it with them. It's easier to laugh at when there's someone cracking up next to you who gets prematurely excited when a funny part is about to happen, and hey, sometimes it's funny to watch someone else laugh their head off at something stupid like a skinny Mexican with bad teeth in a loin cloth running through a field getting shot by an arrow.

As far as catchy one-liners go, there's quite a few that you can grab and spurt out in daily conversation. I'd be cautious as to what audience you have while doing so, however. You may get a mean-mug or two, and possibly an official warning from a co-worker or boss.

If you keep an open mind for enjoying the ridiculous and the absurd, and if you (for whatever known or unknown reason) become immediately fascinated by Jack Black because of what he is doing with his eyebrows at the time, than you'll really enjoy Nacho Libre.

Just in Case You Were Wondering About the Updates, Here's a teaser...

I was in Oregon for the great Sasquatch Fest of oh'ten over the past month-ish, and upon my return found that my family had to put down dear Sudo (the ferret). Mulligan is well, but lonely I assume.

In addition to this burden, we're moving. Most of my things are all packed up, and it's hard to find a day or two to just get things from one place to another for the sake of just getting the process moving. This is a direct variable in not having an update each week like usual. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you, my dear dear reader.

There is spare time (randomly) where I am able to sketch something that I can later scan and ink like usual. This means that so far, there's a bit of a back-log of sketched out comics just waiting for the chance to be digital, and loved by your eyes. In the meantime, they lay in wait. Ready. In all honesty, I most likely wont have another full comic inked out until late July. Due to family related travels and trips, I will be spending a majority of time within the confines of some mode of transportation in an unconscious state/wishing I were in an unconscious state. Tales of these journeys are sure to translate into another comic arc, I'm sure. In the mean time, I appreciate your patience, and check the forum for updates more regularly than this here home page. Graci.

I also understand the irony that in having no time to draw the comic, I drew this filler...

"Clash of the Titans: An Upgrade From the Good Old Days of Stop Motion Animation, Now Featuring Absurdly Hot Actors and Special Effects!"

About a month ago I was able to indulge in a cinematic revisit to one of the better stop motion classics, "Clash of the Titans." Granted, I was also enticed to attend because of a certain someone wearing scantily clad Romanesque battle armor who gets all sweaty and shows off his muscles. Dear Sam Worthington, you have stolen my eyes and treated them well once again. Marry me.

Any how, the original movie (now verging on twenty years of age) was pretty spectacular as far as special effects in it's time. It parallels the things you'd see in Pee Wee's Playhouse, but damn if that wasn't just the bee's knees back then. Fortifying my unfortunately growing opinion that there is no more originality (especially in cinema), here we sit with yet another re-make. I am, however, very glad that they didn't try to just make a sequel to it. But hey, there's always next year now that they've upgraded the quality with CG, they just might stoop that low.

If you're familiar with the original, you'd enjoy the very well placed cameo from one of it's main characters that you can't help but laugh at. Reading up on an interview with our dear friend Sam (in men's health magazine I believe), he had made a very strong stance on working with the owl in the movie. To my recollection, the paraphrase was something along the lines of, "I am *not* working with this *fucking owl! It's stupid, and it makes the movie look cheap!" Granted, it would make the re-make look cheap, but it fit perfectly with the original. I did feel that the upgrade from Harry Hamlin to Sam was a great addition.

They added some things (the crazy dune people who rode giant scorpions), and left out some stuff/switched it around a bit (rearranging who was trying to kill Perseus for the girl, and who Perseus ended up with in the end), but it was a great flick to spend a hot summer day in an air conditioned theater. It was simply entertaining and fun. If you've never seen the original, you'll like this one. If you *have* seen the original, I'm guessing that regardless of your feelings for it, you'll like this one as well. It wasn't a total butcher of the original story, and it wasn't half bad with the graphics. I give it a good thumb up for Sam and his co-stars.

Prey: Best Native-American Alien Abduction Spirit Walking Physics Based Video Game Ever

I got to play Prey for Xbox 360 as a recommendation from a friend. I had heard of it before, but was only allowed to *watch* someone play the intro stages before I was escorted back to my cell. From what I saw initially, I thought it was pretty "original" (if not odd) to have the entire storyline start in an Indian casino that portrayed the residents so stereotypically, but thought it was pretty cheesy for the most part. Little did I know, that once you get through the "Grandfather! NOOOO! I will save you and my overly-traditional girlfriend from these aliens!" part, that the real fun begins.

Not only are the graphics fairly descent, but you're in a completely dynamic gravity environment that incorporates portal-like physics and technology, coupled with the fictional "powers" of Native-American spirit walking in order to blast some plasma caps in alien ass. You have the ability to not only change the direction of gravity to your favor in order to navigate puzzle-like levels, but you get to dizzy yourself through portal-like passages in order to advance through the alien ship that you've been sucked into.

The aliens themselves look pretty nasty, and remind me a little of the ones from Halo, but their special secondary monsters are real nasty. Some of the forums made the comment before I could about how... "organic" the doorways to some of the rooms in the ship looked. (you don't have to think about it too much to picture it) The ship is basically a living thing, so it has to eat, right? I'll give you 3 guesses as to what it eats, and the first two don't count. Also, the end-boss is a pretty nasty bish, and if you've got arachniphobia, get ready to wince.

I'd have to say my favorite part involves fighting that giant beast that's been genetically fused to the lower half of your girlfriend that you have to kill in order to save her. My even *more* favorite part is when you *finally* kill the thing, and then are forced to put your poor chikey-poo out of her misery because there was never any way you could save her in the first place. Total mind-f***. The ability to spirit-walk is pretty cool, but the absolute BEST part of Prey? You - CANT - DIE! You can't. Don't even try. Well, go ahead and try, but you just go to the mini-game, and then you come right back. Considering how it's not that hard of a play-through, they give you a decent amount of ways to figure out where you're supposed to go without looking at a guide, and you don't necessarily have to be that great of a shot, but it takes some patience with the bigger bosses. I had a lot of fun playing it, and look forward playing through it again with the female character that you can get through the 360 marketplace. If you like some crazy physics, a descent alien abduction storyline, and if you really like not seeing a "Game Over" prompt, you'll really like playing through Prey.

Naming Their Bowling Team the "Wesley Crushers" Was Probably the Funniest Part About The Series

Don't get me wrong, I was actually pretty excited about a super nerd comedy on prime time. The first season was a great start, and I was pretty excited to see what the writers came up with as far as having four uuber nerds living in social retardation across the hall from the hot dumb blonde that they would no doubt be obligated to pursue. I'm not sure what it was, but after the first season, I feel like it just started to go down hill. It wasn't about the awkward interaction with Penny anymore, and it turned into more nerd jokes, and Penny and Leonard hooking up. A) I think that happened too fast in the life of the show, and now the only thing that I can enjoy watching is anything having to do with Penny and Sheldon. It's the standard oposites interact formula for a sit com, but Sheldon adds the painful pretentious ass complex to Penny's average intelligence, but naivity that accompanies every bimbo imaginable. Maybe I just don't like Penny. I think her and Leonard fight too much now, it's not fun to watch, and Walowitz having a girlfriend at all takes away the one thing that his character had going for him, being the worst ladies man ever. He was the anti-Quagmire, and now he's just a boyfriend who's not funny.

I guess if you were more interested in the real nerd humor, the later episodes would appeal to you more so than the earlier ones, but if you were in it to watch a bunch of nerds stumble and fall trying to get the attention of a hot chick, you'll be sorely disappointed. I'm not sure what else to say about it. I had high hopes, or at least moderate ones, but don't find it as appealing anymore. I'll watch it if it's on, but I wont go out of my way to see a new episode unless it's the alternate option to watching American Idol or something.

There's A Fine Line Between Zombies And The Insane. Mainly It's What They Want To Do With Brains.

Based on the trailer alone, I knew this movie was right up my alley when thirsty for a quick fix for some gore and psycho-killer chop-chop. Little did I know, it was fairly similar to that of a zombie flick, as opposed to something like Texas Chainsaw like I originally though. If I were as schooled in Zinema like I thought, I'd have known that this was a remake of the 1973 Romero movie of the same title. A plesant surprise, let me tell you what.

Firstly, I love the main character played by Timothy Olyphant. He toots my horn, plays a po-dunk sherrif who's actually intelligent, and really makes me want more than anything that he stay alive through the whole movie. Second, the supporting actors were just as important throughout the film as they would be if they were the main character. The deputy, while rather rough around the yokel edges, was a good side-kick through and through.

Favorite scene, hands down, was the one in the morgue. Throughout the whole thing I could be seen by all movie patrons with average visibility to be literally jumping in my seat, biting hard teeth marks into my knuckles, and jumping so high that I was instinctively left in the fetal position grasping my knees in the chair. I was a definite fan of the great chase scenes, and the detective work that the lil town sheriff did to figure out what was going on. There was one trap scenario that was re-used to an extent by the crazies and the military in order to lure out civilians which I noticed, but it was a smart one. As usual, you can pretty much pick right off the bat who dies in the end, but the great part is the story that leads up to that.

I *STRONGLY*(if you read the HTML for that line it's pretty redundant, but worth a giggle) recommend this flick if you like the thrill of a chase, and the threat of everyone turning on you for no good reason just so they can kill you. Great acting, great special effects, excellent thrill from the sentient living dead. I want to watch this while eating spaghetti and meatballs and see how much I can get on my floor before throwing up. Ever do that? Eat anything with marinara sauce and the consistency of human entrails while watching a zombie flick? Well ya should. Just once at least.

The Mighty British Prove They're Creative in So Many Ways

Japanese have incredibly weird cartoons, and the Brits still take the cake for odd and unconventional sketch comedy. This series pushes some boundaries in my experience. I don't know what the name means, but I never bothered to look it up. I might be too scared of what I'd find. If you've ever seen The IT Crowd you may recognize the main character Vince Noir as our dear goth Richmond who mysteriously disappeared from the IT department with what Moss reported to be scurvy. Each episode features Vince and Howard moon, two British electro/synth/whatever musicians who live with a very small shaman, Naboo, and his ape familiar, Bollo. Their adventures range from space travel, to encounters with horny yeti bitches, to summoning evil nana deamons. By far, the favorite episode of mine, would have to be old gregg. I'm not even sure how I would describe it. The dialoge jumps around, the make up and costumes are disturbing, there's a song and dance number in almost every episode which is equaly disturbing, and it generally makes me uneasy about the density of my own reality when I watch it. I would not recommend watching this show on any kind of halucinagen. Then again, it might just be the perfect thing on drugs. The intro itself will make you question your eyes, and flip the switch of paranoia in your brain. If it doesn't you might be crazy, or just British.

Seriously though, you'll just have to see it for yourself.

I'll Eat You Up! For I Am Also Wild!

I was recently able to endulge myself in the movie "Where The Wild Things Are." As being one of the many human children to grow up with an active imagination, I could relate to the main character, Max, in this movie. Not completely relate, as I don't remember being such a literal monster, but I'm sure I had my moments.


Anyways, I can't say that I remember much of the story from the book that was read to me as a kid, but I *do* remember the pictures. In my opinion they did an amazing job creating a very realistic portrayal of the creatures from the book, and did a perfect job casting Max. As a female, I admit that when I watched the first few scenes, I fell in love with him in a completely maternal way. I want one *just* like him if ever I am to breed and procreate. I love his imagination and energy no matter how big of a monster he is.

I love the soundtrack for the movie too. They did a great job picking the voice actors, and I absolutely love how they perfectly nailed the mind of children. In adults, it's called mind-blindness, but kids are generally selfish and conceded because they just don't know how to put themselves in other shoes to be considerate or even cooperative. Hey, that's kids.

I highly recommend this movie for anyone who enjoyed being a child with an imagination, and to any kid who feels like no one understands them. If you want to be given a chance to feel what it was like to be a kid again, enjoy.

The Most Literal Title For A Movie And John Cusacks Best Role... Just Kidding On The Last One

Following my odd obsession with time travel and my absolute love for movies, when I first heard there was a movie coming out called Hot Tub Time Machine, I immediately flipped my calendar seven months forward to March 2010, and marked it with a big red pen and a hello kitty sticker. The count down began. Apparently, the way that this movie was created came about from a misinterpretation of something someone said. Hot Dog the movie is a basic 80's skii flick that kind of sounds like hot tub, and when misheard, would be a funny remake, but just remaking an 80's movie wasn't good enough, so they added time travel so they could just go back to the 80's and not have to be in it the whole time. Funny story.

As far as expectations go, have none before you enter the theater. As was my initial idea when I read the name of the movie. It seemed like it was going to be a pretty ridiculous movie, give you a few WTF moments, and a few laughs at '80's moments. For some reason, they include a squirel into the trailer as if it's a large influence on the story, or the time travel, and it's not. So, I was a little confused, but watching a guy projectile vomit a tree dwelling rodent hundreds of feet (I'm assuming hundreds, but it went off the screen either way) was pretty funny.

Craig Robinson did an outstanding job, and Rob Corrdry was an absolute thrill to watch get pummeled, attacked, abused, neglected, and emotionally shat on throughout the movie (in a love hate kind of way). He really convinced me that he was a complete douche bag, but it was funny to watch. I thought he used the F-bomb a bit too much though, but that went with the character. As always, no matter how large, small, irrelevant, or inconceivable the role, Chevy Chase was a cherry on an day-glow frosted cupcake from the 80's. Also, I have a theory that Crispen Glover's role was based on his heavy presence in 1985 as George McFly.

In regards to fathomable theory on time travel, the science behind it's application in this movie uses a combination of a worm hole theory, no physical duplication of travelers (aka: there isn't an old John Cusack and young John Cusack in the same room that could make a paradox), and illegal energy drinks from Russia. So, they basically got mentally transported into their past selves and had to recreate this one wild night they had twenty some-odd years ago. Except the youngest member Jacob, played by Clark Duke, who was the offspring of said night, and just had to stay out of the way until they hot tub got fixed. In the process, the gang decides to be selfish and do all the things that they didn't get a chance to do in order to improve their shitty lives in the future, of which divorce, alcoholism, adultery, and suicide attempts are rampant.

I *DID* enjoy this movie. It was definitely not anything close to an intelligent experience, but why would you think it would be? There were a few favorite scenes involving Corrdry and Robinson experiencing the downfall to using their knowledge of the future for monetary gain, and having it back fire in their faces (literally-- you'll get what I mean if you see it). The scene was particularly hilarious on a few counts: 1) it involved a penis, 2) for some reason there was a crowd cheering Corrdry on, 3) Robinsons reaction when he comes too in the men's bathroom, and 4) the people behind me in the theater were laughing so hard that I could feel them stomping the floor... through the floor.

I would recomend this movie if you have a group of male friends over and plan on drinking a few, maybe eating some junk food and play a card game. I'd rank it along the lines of those classics like, Out Cold, and it's kind of like Grandma's Boy for anyone who wasn't nerdy enough to enjoy that. It's also similar to The Hangover


April USTREAM and Skype Extraviganza!

So, I decided that April fools day would look more like April COOOLS day... don't judge me. Anyways, I set up a USTREAM channel for anyone who is wondering about how the other half of this comic lives, now you can see it.

Feel free to skype me (Bubblegumjunkie) or chat while I draw. I usually just sit here, watch a movie or tv show, and draw.

Free live streaming by Ustream


Veritas et Aequitas After Ten Years Dormant: Boondock Saints (I & II)

The First One
A classic Irish shoot-em-up, "Boondock Saints" is a movie experience that most would parallel to "Reservoir Dogs" and most anything that passed through the fingers of Quentin Tarantino. The basic premise for the film imitates that of "Dexter" featuring Michael C Hall in that, they are rogue citizens who take it upon themselves to rid the world of those filthy criminals that some how bribe and slip through the cracks of our justice system. Instead of taking the serial killer excuse to justify their violence, they prefer Irish Catholicism, and are supported by the detective paid to catch them. Best character definitely goes to Willem Defoe. I enjoyed watching him play a genius, homosexual detective, and his viewpoint towards cuddling. I am definitely a fan of his character and all his self-hating expletives. He's got a great eccentric flamboyance that only he could pull off in a movie of this caliber. (pun intended) His most brilliant role ever played reveals him to be the frakking genius that he is, and mad props for pulling off looking like a hooker that a goon would actually fall for before noticing that it's a wig. Makes me want to hug the guy.

The character Rocko brings a great wild-card variable and comic relief to an otherwise pretty heavily religious story. I was reminded of "Pulp Fiction" when he made "a big impression" on an innocent feline in one scene, as well as his reaction to the owner of said cat when she finds out where the cat went. Not to mention that the two Irish main characters are easy on the eyes even if they're covered in blood. I really enjoyed the relationship that grew between the detectives and the "saints," as they were called. Especially the twist at the end that I would be obliged not to give away.

Now... the story behind why it took ten dang years for them to make the sequel to what some would call "one of the greatest movies of the 90's" is pretty interesting. From what I know (without re-googling for an answer) is that the actors who played the "saints" came out of the production feeling pretty dang proud of themselves for the huge success of the film, and decided that they were better than what they originally were offered to do another. Disputes between the actors and the makers of the movie went back and forth between lawyers and egos for the past 10 years until someone just caved and decided that, "hey, just make another movie."

The Second One
One thing right off the bat... BEARDS, another to say just in general, BADD-ASS. Definitely prefer the black t-shirt and denim look from the first one better. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the lead female character was the lovely Julie Benz (also seen as Rita from the tv series Dexter) instead of the very talented Willem Defoe. She definitely adds a hotness to the gun toting female shooter, and dang... I like how all the detectives hired to kill the saints secretly admire their cause and want to protect them. I'll say this though, they sure got creative with the insults and metaphors and had quite a field day with the F-Bomb. Romeo is a nice replacement as their Mexican toady. His contribution to the team? MULLET. It was nice to be enlightened as to the back story of their father and how things came to be the way they were from the original movie. Another thing that made me ecstatic. Special guest appearance by our very favorite Trailer Park Boy, Robb Wells.

I love the speech that the ghost of Rocko makes towards the end of the movie about life and men. I'm really glad that someone(s) decided to shut up and nut up so that we, the viewers, could enjoy this lil movie. All ego's aside, if you like mystery stories that involve righteous massacres, Irish insults involving dick-sandwiches, and liked the first one, you're in for a treat with All Saints Day. God bless Willem Defoe. Amen.

I have a masters in Fringe science, and yes, my diploma is printed on the back of a Denny's menu.

Thanks to my readers who requested "more zombies." You are indeed in luck! What else would you guys want to see more of in the comic?

I've watched a lot of the television show Fringe as of late, and its been a new sort of obsession. As a huge fan of The X Files, it's the perfect filler for the void that was left from the last X Files movie. I mean, there's no David D, but it's a different kind of love. The main character is a nice blonde, and the guy from Dawsons Creek with the pronounced brow line does a real good job playing a wandering genius. The professor does an excellent job of adding some comedic relief, plus he's always doing drugs.

If I had to define it, the show itself is a mix between X Files, CSI, and the Twilight Zone. In the beginning, season one starts the crew on adventures through fringe science topics like telekinesis, psychic energy, morphing people, these creepy bald "observers," and eventually bring us all through inter dimensional time travel. Also... not to be a spoiler, but our dear Leonard Nemoi makes an appearance in season three. I really enjoy the comedy interjected at the right moments between the crazy science fiction plots, and the secondary character who is a cow.

Towards season three, it gets pretty obscure as they arch the main characters role trying to write her into the past experiments of the professor. I felt it's stretching the story lines a little bit, but I'm hoping that in the next season, it'll clear a few things up, straighten some inter-dimensional questions up, and continue the random food obsessions. Makes me want a milkshake.

I'd highly recommend this show to anyone who has a sense of humor, who likes crazy sci-fi, anyone who has a growing curiosity for the unknown, and anyone who enjoys watching an old guy play a genius, crazy scientist go through different stages of dementia while trying to solve stellar mysteries on LSD.

Doctor Parnassus, Your Imaginarium Gives Me Ice Cream Seizures... And I Like It.

Apparently, this movie was the real last movie that ever featured the dearly departed Heath Ledger. I guess you could say that Dark Knight was the last movie that he finished, but this is the last one he was ever in. Rumor has it that they filmed all of the scenes that had dear Mr. Ledger in them while he was outside of this "imaginarium mirror" of which is the central focus for the entire movie. The traveling band of performers steals souls from anyone who goes into the mirror. Apparently, the mirror is the gateway into the doctors imagination, and once inside, they are transported into their own personalized fantasy in which they must make a moral decision (the right thing, or the wrong thing) in order to ensure the safety of their soul.

Mr. Ledger plays an untrustworthy, yet handsome, con man who is placed by fate in the path of our band of performers. The eerie irony throughout the movie lies in the reality of the poor actors death within and outside of this particular film. Without generating a spoiler alert, entropy and serendipity create a winding path of decision making that push and guide our friends through a series of events in order to save the soul of the beautiful daughter who is fated to "the devil" on her 16th birthday because of a bet made years ago.

The role of Mr. Ledger's character while inside the imagination of Dr. Parnassus is alternately played by Johnny Depp, Colin Ferrel, and Jude Law. Magnificently done might I add. As a person who feels that their facial recognition skills are above average, their presentation was nearly flawless in that it was a basic level mind-fuck looking at them switching back and forth. The sets and costumes were incredibly visually stimulating with bright colors, abstract ideas & concepts, but had some pretty cheesy computer graphics. However, the cheese was fitting to the level that the movie was presented. I felt that the personalized fantasies of the people who went in through the mirror were fairly plain, but presented well. Who honestly fantasizes about shoes like that? Seriously!

I'd recommend going to see this movie if you like any of the actors, if you enjoy creative presentations of a few stereotyped human desires would be, and if you have a taste for abstract imagination. I think kids would like it, but not too young. There's some sexy parts, but kids these days are more and more all about that.

So, I'm a bit behind, but the original Bioshock is a blast.

If you've had your finger anywhere near the pulse of video games lately, you may have heard that they just released a second Bioshock. Considering that I was only allowed to *watch* others play it on PC at the time, I'm pretty far behind. So I decided to start the experience from the beginning and loaded up the original Bioshock. I had only seen it being played by others on PC, so it was a new wave of love when I was put in control of it through the xbox.

Every good thing they said about it is true. For someone who habitually gets lost very easily in levels without clear maps, goal outlines, and story line reminders, I rarely found myself making loop after loop on a level trying to figure out where I was supposed to be going. The controls are easy to grasp and adapt to as if they were always the buttons you needed to get what you want, and I could rant and rave on and on about the story line, art, and visuals. Playing the role of a plane crash survivor entering a city created at the bottom of the ocean in the 1950's puts an already rustic and nostalgic sentiment behind your surroundings. The past when they expected colonies on the moon by the year 1996. The controversy behind harvesting adam from the little sisters may have been a bit warranted just because the graphics are pretty sensational/disturbing, but again... you're given a choice. The ideas around the plasmids, and how they give you different powers is awesome. Who wouldn't want powers like that?

Another thing that I really liked about it was how the story was fluid enough to keep progressing and easy enough to follow if you were too busy being swept up in the graphics to pay only 90% attention. The crazy audio diaries of the people who lived in the city are really well done, and really set the tone for the fact that everyone down there went crazy with paranoia, hallucinations, and cold war fever, even though they had their own little world. One thing that threw me off, and maybe it's just me, but it seemed to get easier towards the end. I was a little shocked at how easy the last boss was, and the end cut scene was too short for what I was expecting, but still enjoyable. The plot twist at the end was fairly predictable, but they pulled it off really well. And I liked how it sets you up as a big daddy towards the end which is right where you start in the second. Full circle.

It really got me excited to see what the second one has in it. I highly recommend this game if you enjoy rustic themed environments, taking down giants with electricity, fire, and bees, and if you don't have any strong morals against possibly stealing from little girls.

Snapping Your Fingers and Saying 'Let's Go!' Will Get You Anything

Not so much that they've been recently introduced to me, but more like I heard about them a while ago, didn't have enough incentive to actually watch a full episode without being under the influence of something encouraging lack of focus, but now sat down and watched all I could and loved it. If that's not a good enough run-on sentence to describe the urgency needed in order to influence you to watch Trailer Park Boys, than I don't know what is.

The Canadian born television series has 7 full seasons, 3 movies, and a few seasonal special episodes. Later in the season, the show has some special guest stars of real actors such as Ellen Page, lead guitarist from the band Rush, and Sebastian Bach who liked the show enough to request a cameo. The cast itself is colorful enough to keep your attention if you're the type who like to watch a high speed car crash in slow motion. If you can believe it, the entire series and each movie is set in the resident location of Sunnydale Trailer park in Canada. A nice enough place for anyone who's just out of prison, trying to make a quick buck selling hash or stealing car stereos. Regardless of their misdoings, the gang finds themselves either narrowly escaping certain death, in an all out gun fight, or back in jail where there's good dope, 3 meals a day, and bad-t-mitt-en.

In my oppinion, this series was the true trail blazer for the mock-umentary style television show. Leave it to Canada, and I mean that in a good way. After watching all 7 series, 3 movies, and a hand-full of special episodes, I've developed a light Canadian accent, a taste for peperoni, and a strange conditioned response when I hear ice clinking in a glass. None of these characters are at any level in a position to be a role model for any viewer. Therefore, the highly impressionable be warned. You'll most likely start to feel optimistic about living in a trailer instead of a more expensive living situation, be motivated to eat cheeseburgers until your gut is distended mirroring a full term pregnant woman, and will be excited to spend more than a third of your living wage on "the liquor."

What I enjoyed the most about watching this solar eclipse of television, was the insane situations that these characters got themselves into, and how they got themselves right back out of it. Ricky's negotiation ability, coupled with the shere sexy of Jullian and his ever-present rum and coke in hand create the formula for a great, "WHOA! wtf" moment as they somehow elude the cops, and maintain their lavish style of living being pure dregs of the trailer park. Hands down love for Bubbles. I'm pretty sure that if he didn't have any lines in the entire series, he'd still be a great character. Bubbs is just the kind of character who keeps the other players in check (to a point) and brings balance to the park since all he wants is to rub cat food on his cheeks and have little sand paper tongues of his dear kitties lick it off.

By far my favorite movie would have to be Count Down To Liquor Day on account of its sheer mass and ridicu-losity. My personal experience is that if you haven't seen any of the series, and you have a choice of movies, watch The Big Dirty first. It's more of a stand-alone movie as opposed to everything else that they've done which ties together everything else. Also, Count Down To Liquor Day might be too much trailer park for you if it's your first go. I'll have to admit, to me it seemed like every flaw in each character was magnified and drunk in this movie. Awesome. I highly recomend this show to anyone who enjoys watching creatively written trailer trash characters and how they survive in their questionably functioning reality. You'd like it if you like watching COPS, or the movie Joe Dirt.

Seven Words to Describe This Movie, "Anthony Hopkins As A Wolfman Is Hilarious"

At first, I had my doubts about Wolfman on account of the recent surge of zombie/vampire hype in the mainstream these days. Next it'll be mummies. It was either seeing this or Percy Jackson and Wolfman won the coin toss (literally). So, I went into it with the expectations of some good acting, some visually stimulating acient set designs, some kind of good contribution by Mr. DelToro and Hopkins, and maybe a good fight scene or two. These were in fact satisfied. And to my amazement, there was even more delightful surprises.

Everyone told me it was a serious movie to be taken seriously since there's serious actors in it. Pros to Hopk's and Del Toro fo' sho. But when you're watching Hanible rip out of his overcoat to be revealed as a grey haired, barrel chested wolf face, you can't help but giggle. "RHAAAA!!!!," he'd say all grey haired and barrel chested. "RHAAA!!!!!," he'd roar in his torn pantaloons and then jump attack on Benicio as wolfman. I got elbowed for giggling.

I will give it this, the gore and the action scenes were pretty decent. Mr. DelToro did a good job when he wasn't a furry, and the other actors were very well reserved and classy. If I were them, it'd be hard not to giggle at the wolf makeup. Also, I couldnt keep from making doggie-style jokes in my head, as well as other puppy related jokes at the most intense of scenes where no giggling was wanted. Too bad for others.

I recomend watching this movie if you'd prefer not to watch a chick flick, or anythign rated PG-13, and if you could go for a pretty low key horror movie that makes up for the less-than entertaining wolf with some high-class gore. I will say this also, if anyone were to play a man-wolf, these two fellows did it up right.

Holodeck and Mr. Holmes

Thanks to Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, the newest Holmes movie that came out around Christmas time. I'm a pretty big sucker for Mr. Downey Jr. since his appearance in Iron Man, so it was deffinately on my list to watch. Again, the theme of steam-punk is pretty popular these days, and who can resist a combination sexy man squad classic detective. What I was glad to see, was bits and peices taken from the original Holmes episodes from way back when. Luckily for my family and I, they were airing the original episodes before the movie came out, and we were able to see some of them as a reference. One scene specifically, where Holmes produced a calculated response in house flies by playing a certain combination of notes on a violin was straight from original episodes.

It was produced well enough, and there was lovely humor spliced between some delicious hand-to-hand combat scenes and explosions that kept me excited through the whole ordeal. It leaves it open for more to do with Moriarty, as well as being full of creative insight that I just eat up. Aside from the stellar cast and acting, the cinematography was well coordinated, and well, I enjoyed the explosions a bunch. It gets you thinking about all the things in historical records that reflected black magic instead of a simple scientific explanation. I was surprisingly pleased with how they redid Mr. Holmes for a new audience. Although, I'm going on the record saying that Brent Spiner played the best Holmes as Data in Star Trek The Next Generation.

I'd recomend seeing this movie if you're out on the town with a group of friends and you want to see something entertaining, mysterious, and if you're open to a new renditioning of the amazing Sherlock Holmes for the new century.

I'm watchin your world through the windows of mine, and damn, it looks cold out there.

I'm going to take a little break from the movie reviews for an update on the back-end production going on at Bubble Gum Junkie.

If you haven't already accidentally stumbled across it in your visits, there's a fully functional archive page for the comic, for blog entries (starting Sept. 2009), and the archive of all the stupid Valentines Day cards from the past few years.

I got to fool around with Google Voice the other day, and you can now leave me a voicemal from this site. Just check out the contact page and the little interface is right on the page. Can't miss it.

Additionally, I'm working on sexy desktops to download. I'm planning to put them in the extras section which is currently empty. This makes me sad. So, to correct this grave injustice, I'm making it a top priority. I'll most likely have things wrapped up mid February.

And speaking of February, the Valentines Day cards this year are for sale super cheap. Don't feel bad to make a special request. I've already had one order that wanted all of the "Pew Pew Pew" cards. There's a special promotion until February 5th. Any order placed before then gets a full set of the cards with an additional two card designs that aren't shown. Super special secret awesome cards just for you guys (those who loves me).

Tons of time has been on my hands as of late, and as a result, I've been painting and drawing like crazy. I'd like to get a portfolio site up for my junk, so look for a link to my stuff coming sooner rather than later. I'm also happy to report that the Greg Cresci Comics are back up. After the Turks hacked his site, we feared the death of the comic. Fortunately, they weren't very good hackers. I'm going to be drawing his comics for a while. Whenever I feel like it, or whenever he wants.

And on that note, I'm feeling excited to show the next comic, therefore... I shall update it earlier than Monday (which seems to be my habit thus far). Enjoy, and buy my cards.

Was anyone else surprised to see that they weren't blue when they left the theater? No? Just me? Okay, sucks to be you.

Dear James Cameron, I am writing to you in regards to your latest cinematic production. At first, I thought it was a completely different movie. I hear it cost a whole lot of money to produce, but I think that most of that money was worth it. I bet a lot of it went into hiring Mrs. Weaver and the delicious Mr. Worthington. The rest was on blue paint, right? I think that you could have spent less money on cigarettes and Pandora creature food in order to convince Mr. Worthington to do a nude scene. If you're the one spending all that money, than big corporations won't have it to spend on their Crappy Executive Oafs (CEOs), right?

Anyways, I thought your film was very pretty, and even though it was nearly 3 hours long, I was incredibly surprised to be completely focused the entire time! My attention span was stretched and quenched at the same time. Which was nice considering it usually last about 15 minutes. Additionally, might I add a great big 'ol "FUCK YEAH!" for seeing it in IMAX combined with 3D. What an experience, but I don't have to tell you that.

It took me for friggin-ever to actually get to see it since every showing was sold out for weeks. I had to get to the theater around 8 am in order to get a ticket. You sure do know how to market a movie, dear sir. There's so much hype about it, it's insane! That combined with the merchandising, video game, fast food endorsements, and even a month after its initial release, it's STILL raking in the dough.

In summation, I wanted to say that I enjoyed your movie Fern Gully very much, and if I had more money to spend, I would love to watch it again and again. I highly recommend it to anyone, and just... wow... great movie for all the right reasons.


VD is back at Bubble Gum Junkie! In the form of printed cards!

I didn't get much chance to work on cards last year, and I'm proud to annouce the return of cynical humor to this coming hallmark holiday.

In addition to 6 new, delicious designs, I'm also offering to print and ship these original peices of "art" for the very reasonable price of $10.00 (+shipping). This offer is limited time only, and will include one print of each card (6 total) printed on folded card stock, and a personal note from yours truley. Now you can distribute these gems to friends or foes, and reap the rewards of sarcasim instead of peices of chocolate and sentimental flowers.

VDay the right way 2010

Additionally, keep an eye out for some sexy desktops in the extras section coming soon, and fully enjoy the archive of every comic that ever aired on this site! Hooray! an actual archive section! Enjoy!

The Reign of 9 in 2009

The thing to do, would have been to watch the animated movie "9" on it's release date in September since there were so many 9's in date. Alas, I had to sustain myself until recently to finally watch it. Not to be confused with the movie "Nine." When I first saw the trailer, I was intrigued and excited to see another phenomenal animation. From first glance, not sure what the plot was, but since I've got an intrigue into steam-punk style, it wasn't hard to justify wanting to see it anyways.

It's main selling point aside from the animation style and ominous post apocalyptic tone, was the list of voice acting that they pulled together for this feat. Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, Martin Landau, Jennifer Connelly, and Crispen Glover were brought in for this project, in my opinion, to make sure that people who normally would not go to a movie about rag-dolls would be interested in it solely on the fact that the actors are good enough to not waste their time on something that wasn't entertaining. Again, in my opinion, the actors could have picked something more significant to spend time on.

Sitting through it, I was excited at first, which then turned into an ongoing blank stare through the climbing plot events, turning then into one cocked head as the plot was yet to be revealed. One thing I'll say, the imagination that was put into this movie was epic. Incredible creations from scraps hint towards a bastard breed of monsters from the Matrix and use of skeletal remains from the mind of Tim Burton (who has his finger prints all over it). The rest of the film was spent wondering what the hell was going on, and why. There are several hints that direct you towards the overall conclusion that the human race basically killed itself, and these small steam-punk cratures are the last of the human race who are fighting "The Machine" that initially took away life on Earth. What isn't clear, is how things work out after things get worked out. My initial experience was spending the majority of the time being confused and frustrated as to why I cared if one of them got "taken" by the machine, and whether or not it was even a bad thing. There were some cinematic "wow" moments at the creatures who were hunting the little people. Worse part was the ending. I was left feeling like nothing got accomplished, there were no relationships that I cared about developing or being sacrificed, and the future of the planet still looked bleak.

Considering it was rated PG-13 for violence and scary images, I'd agree it wouldn't be for the faint of heart or small children. I would recommend this movie if you have an hour or so to waste, you'd get the most out if it as long as you focus on the imagery and the detailed environment instead of what is trying to be resolved. Best friend of this movie would be a stoner mentality and a glass or two of liqueur to get you to the point where you don't care so much about conflict resolution.

Being Poor Never Looked So Good! I'm on the Poor-Economy Diet!

I've heard studies that say over half the nations income is spent on quick fix diet solutions and weight loss plans. In my honest opinion, I don't know what everyone's so upset about. Perhaps it's my metabolism, but it sure isn't an active healthy calorie intake that keeps my muffin tops to a low.

I'm also not quite sure why everyone is griping about this poor economy. Well, that's not so true, but sure, unless you have a mortgage and 3 kids with one household income, I guess you're going to make it out okay. Anyways, I found another silver lining. People cutting down on their spending of things they don't really need, people getting laid off (more of an incentive to not spend), and the greatest expense that most people have aside from loans and bills is ... ::drum roll:: ... food.

Now that there's such a great incentive to cut back on spending, you buy food from cheaper places, and you buy food that will last longer. Another incentive is to make that food last as long as it can, by not over eating and eating portion controlled amounts. This means, instead of going out to get a sub, chips, and a soda for work, you bring in peanut butter and nutella sandwich, with a refillable water bottle, and carrots. Another alternative would be the all-mighty Ramen noodles. If everyone was on a college-students diet, we'd all lose weight.

Need to save money on gas? Sure, you could invest in one of those fancy new hybrid cars, a smart car, or public transportation, but you can also use a bike. Heaven forbid we use the method we evolved with in order to travel from tree to tree in order to find food and shelter. Oh yeah! Feet. Feet also let you exercise and burn calories. That's right, using all the calories and nutrition from the Ramen noodles before it turns into an inner tube to cushion your abs.

Ten pounds lighter, and I'm still operating on a sustainable budget! All it takes is an Aldis and an affiliation for Styrofoam. That's what Ramen is made out of right?

What Do You Want Me To Do? Conjure You Some Kind of Award!?

I've been watching a lot of the television show "Legend of the Seeker" on Netflix lately. The basic premise is an ancient time period standard hero quest with basic Dungeons and Dragon type magic, mages, and wizards. It bridges the gap between the good old Kevin Sorbo's "Hercules" and something that the kiddies could relate with Harry Potter.

If you're into pretty cheesy writing based on fantasy, you'd enjoy "Legend of the Seeker." A few really good things that it has going for it inculde their ability to not skimp on quality special effects. CG demons from the underworld, crazy magic spells, and fantastic dramatic entrances from bad guys and good guys make you say, "wow" on a fairly regular basis. The videography is really well thought out, and executed pretty good. The sets and landscapes easily resemble scenes from "Lord of the Rings," and the acting is pretty good for the quality writing that could be expected from a mid-evil fantasy tv show.

If you're not wowing at the visuals, you're wowing at the amazing curves that the characters have. Most of the time, I really don't care who has the box of Ordin. I just want to play with Craig Horners hair... and shoulders... and chest... and ... well you get the point. The seeker shakes my peach tree. But it's not just him. His co-star the confessor is easy on the eyes too. Kind of like Kate from "LOST" meets Liv Tyler. There's even an entire race of evil dominatrix Mord Sith who carry around (what looks to be) soul sucking dildos that they beat people up with.

After watching the first season of 22 episodes in a row, I'm pretty confident that I'm mildly hooked on the series enough to anticipate the second season and what happens to the characters that I like to oggle so much. It's definitely eye catching. I recommend you watch it if you've liked Hercules and Xena, or sweaty shirtless men swinging swords with hot broads in revealing dresses that strut their stuff in all the right ways. Oh yeah, and if you like magic.

Bubble Gum Clones and Dopple-Gangers

In one of my ventures through Google, I came across a something that peaked my paranoia. Not really, but I'm generally a paranoid individual. Anyways, turns out there's a film being produced by Neo Films Ltd. called Bubble Gum Junkies. Featuring the British actor Zak Rowlands, and it's beginning film date of July 2009, I don't know much else about it.

One thing that I can tell you, is that this lovely comic is in no way affiliated with them. As far as I'm concerned, the international copyright laws are not broken, and if anything, I'm cool with a little more search results coming to me from a miss-spelling.

Looks like the short film took 7 days to make, it's British, and ... something about a messed up dude who likes some girl. Then a punching bag. It also features female actor Dominique Moloney. Considering I don't know much else about it aside from how associated we aren't, I guess that's that.

On another unrelated note, I added a new favorite comic list. It's a pretty cute little pencil sketch comic. Check it out. ExoComics.com

The hardest choice to make, is what world you want to be a part of...

Keeping in theme with my fascination (bordering obsession) with time travel and all things regarding the space-time continuum, I've recently enjoyed the movie Fetching Cody.

It came upon my Netflix suggestions and I said, "Hey, what the heck. I just watched the 1979 H. G. Wells story Time After Time. I could use something a little ridiculous." So into my instant que it went. I'm just going to say it, but I think it's actually a good movie.

At first, it was fairly shocking and vile because of the lifestyle that the characters were set in. You pity them for the choices they make, but you envy them because they seem to be ass-over-tea kettle for each other. After the set up on how crappy this couple's life is, it takes a turn for the worse and brings us to the rescue mission that our main character sets forth on in order to save his love.

It's not so much the time machine that he uses, or the incredibly unrealistic way that it operates that I find so entertaining, but the kind of encounters that he chooses to get himself into. How wrong can you go with a hobo who has a time traveling la-z-boy covered in Christmas lights? The situations and reactions to his presence in said chair are realistic, witty, and less thought through than they should have been if expected to succeed in the mission.

In my opinion, it most resembles a bastard child of Requiem For A Dream and Back to the Future. It's sentimental, raw, and has perfectly placed moments of humor that break up drama. I highly recommend this movie for first dates, or as a chaser to 27 Dresses.

I don't know what you just said because I was thinking of Left 4 Dead... TWO!!

Fitting with my growing fascination with the undead and anything related to shooting heads off, I had been stoked for the release of Left 4 Dead 2. It was my very first preorder, and my very first midnight release. I even wore my red track jacket to go pick it up in my pajamas.

I immediately took it back to my lair, pulled out my grandma/gamer chair into the middle of the room so I was smack in front of my little HD tv, loaded it in the disk tray, and began to wet myself with excitement. (just kidding, but very nearly) I'd seen the trailer, but it looked SO much better in HD combined with the realization that I was minutes away from being right there in it with new characters. Safe to say I was pretty giddy.

I absolutely love the new infected that they came out with. The concept sketches that I had seen prior gave me a peak, but watching them in motion really pulled it together. They really push the melee weapons. I recommend the axe. Brilliant. The new horde are also a fresh thing to interact with.

Favorite new special infected: The Jockey
It's kind of fun when they're on you and you're running around screaming, slamming into walls trying to see where you're going and where the fire isn't so you dont get burned.

Favorite new survivor character: Ellis
He reminds me of the scout from TF2, and i'm pretty sure the only girl I'll feel comfortable playing is Zoey. Not sure I can relate too much to the other guys, but Nick has some really good lines.

Favorite new item: Defibrilator
The concept is just awesome for the application in game. Close second would be the adrenalin shot because of personal sentiment related with Pulp Fiction.

Complaints? Not many, but it'd be nice to be able to hold a melee weapon and dual pistols. That's probably because I'm not an expert-level player, but hey, if my dad can beat Call of Duty... actually, not sure what that has to do with it. PS- my dad is awesome.

In conslussion, you'll like the sequal if you liked the original. The least you can do is have a go at the demo and oggle the things that you wish you could be beating up and running through. As a zed officianado, I highly recomend it for anyone who likes a survivor situation game. I dont even care if it's on PC or Xbox, but you should deffinitely play it.

On an unrelated note, props thrown to Wright Rickman for getting me the L4D 2 mini baseball bat for my birthday, plus the sweet horde shirt from Threadless. Zombie is probably the only thing that comes close to vampires in fashion these days.

Friday is for freelance

Hopefully Halloween was as enjoyable for everyone else as it was for myself and companions.

Who knew a zombie prom would be such a "lively" gathering! I'm just surprised that I came back in one piece and with all my nerf darts.

On another note from the back-end of this production, you may be seeing even more activity through this venture because it's creator now has Fridays free for freelance. Studies have shown that 4-day work weeks cut down on rush hour traffic, reduce employee stress, reduce energy uses during peak hours, improve the family life, and show an increase in work productivity. Hopefully I'll be able to take advantage of these clear benefits as well.

Hold tight readers, this economy can't kill us all. If you're one of the lucky ones who's young enough to not have too much invested that you can lose from tight times, it's like getting the chicken pox when you're 6 as opposed to 26. Blessed with the ability to be occupationally flexible, and incredibly low maintenance financially, we're sure to make it.

I'm starting to watch Dr Who over again, so there might be some references seen there. Worse case scenario I start speaking with a British accent, but you can't hear it anyway. Otherwise, Wright Rickman's guest series is about half way done, and there will be a conclusion to the portal gun arch after that.

I'm still adding little bits and pieces to the new site, so keep checking in on the random sections for neat things. New things added recently were my music cloud in the contact section, the moon T-shirt in the store, the full color cast page, the RSS feed, the comment box on the comic page, and some little back-end things that you wouldn't notice anyway.

Stay tuned.

Is it necrophilia if we're both dead?

I've been introduced to a band that I'm pretty excited about. The Big Pink. So much, in fact, that I've actually purchased their latest album and felt justified in the expense. That's saying something since I don't usually get new music very often, and consider it a real luxury to give money to artists since, well... I aint no money bags mcgee.

"Dominos" has to be one of my favorite songs from them. I don't feel this way about a lot of bands, but I'm very excited to give them my money and purchase their album "A brief history of Love."

They remind me a little bit of "Animal Liberation Orchestra," and have some good head bobbing beats that are easy to sing along to. No matter how many times I hear it, it still gets me going.

If you like a song that you actually enjoy being stuck in your head, and you fully encourage the act of randomly bursting into dance in the middle of the day, than you'd like The Big Pink.

H1N1 UNO! ... too soon?

I'm more of a saty-at-home-watching-netflix-in-sweatpants kind of girl, but I found some clean socks, tied my hair back, and grabbed my keys to be a part of the theatrical experience of Zombieland on the big screen.

Knowing full well that I am partial to most, if not all things, zombie related (and have been for quite some time), I had a feeling that this new movie might live up to all the hype I've heard about it. On first glance, the cast seemed fairly solid if Woody Harrilson was expected to carry the brunt of it, a narrator announcing a zombie kill of the week gave it as light-hearted overtone that can be expected from shot gun blasts to the head.

Granted, there is a LOT of hype and trend focused on the reanimated dead now a days, so I assumed that this movie in particular would do one of two things: 1) be an absolute bore with quirky-cute awkward Michael Cera hero-type character to save the day and realize he can grow some balls while adding to another decent sized budget movie that turns out less entertaining than a B-movie version, or B) actually be entertaining to the point of laughing and beleiving the characters and scenarios regardless of how obviously fictitious they are, and not leaving the theater feeling that you wasted $9 or $7.50 for a matinee.

I'm pleased that it was B. If you havent heard, as I was unaware until the scene itself, there is a special cameo. This was my absolute favorite part. Partly for the surprise factor, and partly for the sole reason of who it was. I don't want to ruin it, but mad props to Mr. M. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have liked it as much without him in it.

In conclussion, if you feel comfortable with mild head shot gore, excessive amo use, hot girls with too much makeup and not enough motive, twinkies, and if you can handle seeing a very intense zombie clown attacking, than you'll enjoy this movie. If you liked Garfield, you probably wont like Zombieland, and you should know that I have no respect for you right off the bat.

Regrets are for horse shoes and hand grenades.

Not sure if you've hear of these fantastic people yet, but I've had the entertaining experience of listening to some creations from the band Say Hi To Your Mom. As a firm supporter of your-mom-jokes, it's safe to say the name snagged my attention, and their songs kept it. Say Hi To Your Mom

Among their playlist, some of my favorites are "Let's talk about spaceships," "On, two... One," and "Your brain versus my tractor beam." Actually, they have a really long list of great songs. If I were to compare them to anything, I'd say the vocals remind me of Peter, Bjorn, and John, MGMT, and Phoenix. Their lyrics are pretty creative as well. I mean, you know they've got something going on when they can write about electronics and have it come out enjoyable.

My favorite would have to be the relationship in "Let's talk about spaceships." I know a lot of musicians use music to cope with breakups, express their undying affection for loved ones, etc, but this seemed unique yet familiar. I like how the quasi raspy voice is soft and strong and reminds me somehow of high school or freshman year of college when my world started to open up. Kind of like a indie punk rock lullaby.

So far, they have a good range of hits across a few different albums, and my favorite would have to be "Numbers & Mumbles" from 2003 and "Ooh's and Ahh's" a close second from 2008. I like how their album art spans across several years with a theme that's simple and cute at the same time, but maybe that's just me.

If you like some high tempo mello music with quirky lyrics and optional intrigue and hints of electronica, you might like "Say Hi To Your Mom." I'm fond of them enough to look into buying an album or two, but for now, Pandora will have to satisfy my need to hear more

Oh shit. NASA explained why they are blowing up the moon with a freaking cartoon. We are sooooooo fucked.

I had a list of things that I wanted to mention in this update, btu something has been brought to my attention that I feel strongly against.

On Friday, October 9th, around 4am, NASA is going to send am explosive rocket to the moon, followed by a satellite in order to record the explosion, in hopes to find ice and/or water under it's dusty surface. In the NASA article, one of the references was quoted basically saying, "We don't know exactly what will happen, so bring a camera!"
moon tshirt

This not only hurts me about intentionally causing a large explosion on the surface of my favorite stellar object, but the fact that the interview from NASA itself gave little confidence for those who unintentionally gave their tax payer money to cause said explosion. My main concern is that they have calculated all the possible repercussion from this literal impact. The article made me feel otherwise. It's not at all a good reference, but Hollywood has depicted this in several aspect as a VERY BAD idea.

I'm looking at NASA's fight itinerary right now. The entire crew consists of Bruce Willis, Aerosmith, and several Victoria's Secret models. I think they watched too many Michael Bay movies.

My predictions for this? The moon has a stellar influence on Earth regardless of whether we want it to or not. The tides, migratory birds, the season, and every 28 days there will be World War 4 when all the women's menstrual cycles sync up and ... well... jezuz...

This is my official protest on the subject. I wish they'd have asked before sending a rocket to make an explosion costing 70 + million of my tax payer money. I'd have said no. And in order to send a message the best way I know how, I'm going to blog about it, and then make a witty T-shirt design that expresses my strong opinion. Support or not.

It's the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer!

For starters, I got to play Beetles Rock Band for the first time recently, and considering the only reason I had for purchasing a PS2 was so I could play Guitar Hero, I was looking forward to trying it out. I'm personally an Elvis fan, but there's no denying the fact that the Beetles were such a great band. Especially when you can't rightfully say that you've never sat down and listened to one of their albums, and yet you find yourself knowing 75% of the lyrics to half their songs, or at least recognizing them when heard. Saying this, I feel it's okay to state my oppinion that it's certainly nothing to write home about, or spend the extra cash to get the custom band kits. After about 6 songs, I was Beetld-out, and called it quits. Maybe there wasn't enough alcohol involved, but the graphics were freaking me out and I had to focus not to be struck into a coma of fear from the background images to "I am the walus." ::shudder::

On another note, I'd be comfortable saying that I'm the kind of person who enjoys some pretty lame theatrical presentations, and can find some little things to laugh about in order to not make the experience a complete waste. In that case, I'd like to actually make note of some movies that made me want to throw up. I know when I was a little kid, I was pretty entertained at shiney things and explosions. So, when I saw Batman and Robin the movie, I put it on my Netflix que for a good ol' trip down memory lane. I must have been 6. I never noticed how many incredible puns saturate the dialogue. Even the plot seems like it was stirred up straight from the comic book where it's perfectly acceptable to refer to a person robbing a bank as "a new villan," and not be surprised when they refer to themselves as some crazy themed nick name. A few shots and scenes made me laugh though. For a second or two I thought I was watching a parody of the movie, and not the actual one; seeing as how there's no way they could expect to be taken seriously with that, etc..

And then there was the one that took the cake. While paroozing the shelf of a friend's dvd collection, on first look, "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension" seemed like a perfect thing to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon while doing laundry. Just the cover gave you the impression that it would be cheesy, yes, but that it would be equally 80's debonaire and cheeky. With a star cast including John Lithgow, Christopher Lloyd, and more, and Jeff Goldblum in full on tacky cowboy outfit, how could you go wrong? The answer is incredibly. The acting and costumes were funny enough, but having the main character be so rounded as a mechanical genius, physicist, musician, ladies man, and inter-galactic traveler as wel as a goof who gets the girl in the end makes it so incredibly ridiculous, and not in a good way. Don't get me wrong, I love me some grade-B cheesy shop production, but this wasn't funny enough to laugh at seriously, and it wasn't abstract enough to beleive, even for fiction. It was pretty much a complete waste of time, and I'm sorry Jeff Goldblum wasn't spending his time more wisely, like watching us poop.

I will however give you something cute to look at that I got bored and did over the weekend. I call it my thumb-up-one-up, and I use it only on special occassion when I'd need an extra life.

For external use only...

Once again, be entertained at Wright Rickman with the second installment of his guest appearance.

I hope I'm not the only one who's totally thrilled that the leaves are changing colors, and the air is getting more crisp, and everything smells so good. I'm super thrilled at being a big part of halloween this year. I've been working on the costume for a while, and it's pretty much done, and looks great. I'll post clues when everything is ready. I'm pretty excited.

I just recently got into watching Californication. I'm pretty entertained. Plus, who doesn't have a crush on Davie D? Better yet, he's a sex-crazed author. Recipe for adventure below the belt. Although, it makes me want to smoke and wear black boxer briefs. That's not too weird or anything.

Yo ho, das boot!

Happy Talk Like A PIRATE DAY!

I'm just proud to say that i've been participating in it since 2003. It is close to me heart, me hearties!

I'm going to have a difficult time at Octoberfest today. I'm not sure that I have the finesse to fenangle a german accent with pirate talk. I'll give it a shot though. With enough hops, anything is possible. I'm glad I have the chance to spend it with my dear family, and make my brother the designated driver since he isn't as fortunate as the older folks.

Also... I'm going to have to endorse the following info-mercial since it was brought to my attention by my dear father who recorded it just for me. ^_^

Your Mother is a Hamster

While I'm still getting my shit together on larger projects that I'm behind on, I wont be able to update again for a while, but instead, I'd like to introduce to you to the fantastical Wright Rickman.

From the creative mind and dedicated fingers who brought you Bacon Samurai, I introduce a guest series on Bubblegum Junkie in his spare time, and in place of my lack thereof. There'll be quite a few of them, so enjoy. I really like his style, as well as his sass. Wright's a good friend of mine from college, and a fantastic animator. Insert shameless plug for Wright here, and here.

Avitar Currently Updating in Another Dimension

And welcome to one of the things that I've been working pretty damn hard at for the past few months. Granted, it's not a good excuse to not have updated for so long. Either way, collaboration efforts with those involved with, and related to, Greg Cresci Comics have been progressing very well. Maybe a little too well in fact. No, I'm kidding, it's awesome.

I'm still contracted for illustrating children's books, and that's taking up a lot of time, a theory has been acted on in order to determine the cause of my chrinic sinus problems, and from that, I no longer have the little weasels running around my apartment anymore. Sad indeed. Ya know The Golden Compass? It's like that.

Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy more updates, more words from me, and I'll actually be adding more features to the new layout as we progress, but I wanted to have this done in time for the Cross-Dimensional-Comic today. This comic is based off true events, and is also portrayed on Greg's site.