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Alyse Hex

Age: 22
Sex: F
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Color: green

Food: Pad Thai
Ice Cream: Phish Food
Drink: Hot chocolate, hot toddy
Movie: Anything with Paul Newman or Clive Owen
Thing to do on a rainy day: watching movies to find inconsistencies
I'd rather be: playing with legos
Band: The White Stripes
Game: Tetris Attack

Pet Peeves:
#1) poor wireless signals
#2) being called "babe" or "baby"

Afraid of: monkeys
Weapon of choice: cross bow
Race: Half-ling
Class: Wizard

Job: Studying
College: Student
Relationship: Single, but has a huge crush on Tony Stark
Back story: Alyse has a mysterious past that hints at some kind of high-up foreign royalty/diplomat that leaves her with a hefty reserve fund that lets her be a professional student and lets her afford all the cool gadgets that she has. She's really smart, and likes to make things. She doesn't like to participate in the rompings of the gang, but she supports reckless behavior, and offers her tech skills when available. Alyse has big boobs and flaunts it. She has a secret lab in the basement where she spends most of her time. Her last name is pronounced X. The "h" and "e" are silent.