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Garren Quincey Bryk, aka: "Bryk"

Age: 26
Sex: M
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Color: green

Food: Cows and pigs
Ice Cream: moose tracks
Drink: Guinness Extra Stout
Movie: Ghostbusters
Thing to do on a rainy day: eat & drink and throw large objects at smaller objects
I'd rather be: Exploring abandoned insane asylums
Band: Queen
Game: Fallout 3

Pet Peeves:
#1) people who interupt
#2) busy work

Afraid of: something coming up from the toilet to bite your butt/grab your balls when you poop
Weapon of choice: crow bar, or FLAMING WASP HIVE GRENADE
Race: Ogre
Class: Warrior

Job: drain inspector for the department of public works
College: Graduate
Relationship: Taken
Back story: THE DUDE'S REALLY BIG. LIKE REALLY REALLY BIG. HE COULD CRUSH YOU. Bryk and Claire went to school together and used to smash shit WITH HAMMERS and play video games together in their free time. Bryk's huge (not like that ya perv ;) ) Sometimes he falls down.