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Claire V. Pachino

Age: 23
Sex: F
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Color: red

Food: gravy fries
Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip
Drink: rum and coke, or coffee
Movie: Shaun of the dead
Thing to do on a rainy day: sleep in and not wear pants while playing Half Life 2
I'd rather be: reading comics
Band: Modest Mouse
Game: Guitar Hero

Pet Peeves:
#1) websites that still use frames and annoying animated gifs
#2) cold steering wheels

Afraid of: mascot costumes
Weapon of choice: hammer
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue

Job: Web Designer at CTRL-Z
College: Graduate
Relationship: dating Alan
Back story: Claire is the main character, and is the primary guardian of Kayto. She and Alyse live together, and get along well for the most part. She acts pretty goofy and like a typical crazy red-head while trying to keep Kayto under control. She works in the graphics department of a web consulting firm called CTRL-Z, and can't really function properly without coffee. She has a weakness for paranoia, and likes to theorize about things like aliens and alternate dimensions (regardless of what Alyse theorizes).