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Frisbee Dave & the Hobos

Sex: M
Hair: A big mess

Accessories a shopping cart full of frisbees, headphones that he believes to still be functional regardless of whether or not they are plugged into anything, a mighty powerful stench.

Abilities: With the assistance of his homeless crew, and proper provocation, he can transform into Hobo-tron and smash things as well as stinking up the place. Also, he can throw a mean disk.

Back story: Frisbee Dave wanders around alley's with his fellow homeless folks. He is fairly nice, but when provoked by an attack from a flailing ferret to the head, he can call on his homeless brethren to form the all-powerful "hobo-tron." Hobo-tron is made of cardboard boxes, trash cans, discarded plastic bags, bags of trash, and anything else that is around the group when formed. The only way to defeat this possibly recyclable menace is climb its body and hit it on the glowing symbol on it's head. Not-unlike the exact way you defeat a monster in Shadow of the Colossus for PS2.