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Contact Info

The following are the best methods of contact:

Email: bubblegumjunkiemail@gmail.com
You can email me with questions, requests, complaints, and general Fwd's, and we'll see if I read them. This is probbably the best way to contact me anyways.

Google Voice:

Skype: bubblegumjunkie
Usually when I'm working all weekend on drawing, I'll be at my comp and generally enjoy conversation.

Xbox Live: danid00m
Add me if you feel like playing Left 4 dead or Castle Crashers

Feel free to add me to facebook, and twitter, etc. etc.

Dani's Music CloudWant to know what I think is tits in music?
Check out my music cloud. It's my list of favorite bands, updated whenever I find something new that I like, and the bolder and bigger ones mean I like them a whole lot.